Teaching and Scientific Council of Academy (Academy Council)

The Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy is the highest professional body of the Academy. It shall comprise the following members:
1. Academy President;
2. Deputy Academy President;
3. Academy President’s assistants;
4. Heads of Departments;
5. two representatives of each Department Council, who have at least 5 (five) years’ work experience at the department and
6. President of the Student Parliament of the Academy, who takes part in the work of the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy when invited.

The Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy shall make legal decisions provided that more than half of its members are present at the meeting. The President of the Academy also acts as the President of the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy. The meetings of the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy can be held in a regular manner and online.

The Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy shall:

1. propose the Statute of the Academy;
2. give consent to the proposed candidate for the position of the Academy President;
3. adopt the Code of Professional Ethics;
4. propose the public procurement plan, as well as its amendments and annexes;
5. reach decisions on establishing new and abolishing existing boards on the proposal of Department Councils;
6. propose the report on the Academy business activity and the annual financial statement;
7. propose the amount of tuition and other fees payable by students;
8. adopt study programme proposals and render decisions on the initiation of accreditation procedures;
9. give consent to the announcements for the employment and election of teachers and associates, once the proposal is agreed upon by the Department and Division Councils;
10. decide on the election of teachers and associates for different positions on the proposal of the Department Council in compliance with the general act of the Academy and recommendations of the National Council for Higher Education, and reach decisions on candidates’ appeals against the decision;
11. reach decisions on giving consent to the Academy-tenured teachers and associates to work with other HEIs, based on the proposal previously agreed upon by the departments and divisions;
12. set standards and quality monitoring, assurance, improvement, development and control measures regarding its study programmes, instruction and working conditions, and implement the policy of continuous improvement of teaching quality, research and artistic activities;
13. define the study programme curricula, on the proposal of the Department Councils;
14. define narrower fields of science, artistic activities and professional development on the proposal of the Department Councils;
15. give consent and proposals to the Council regarding the establishment of new and abolishing of existing centres;
16. adopt special professional development and lifelong learning programmes on the proposal of the Department Councils;
17. grant approval for the development, research and artistic activity programmes;
18. decide on the number of students to enrol in the first year in compliance with the law, work permit and Statute;
19. discuss the annual report on the implementation of study programmes;
20. decide on the recognition of documents and ECTS credits awarded in other study programmes in compliance with the law and Statute;
21. discuss the reports submitted by the Academy President and other  professional bodies of the Academy;
22. define measures to stimulate the development of exceptionally successful and talented students;
23. discuss and prepare proposals for decisions on the teaching process organisation and implementation, which are under the supervision of the Council;
24. discuss the proposals submitted by the Student Parliament and reach decisions about them;
25. define specific terms and manners of distance learning implementation;
26. perform other tasks in compliance with the law, Statute, and other general acts of the Academy.