Student Parliament

The work of the Student Parliament is financed in compliance with the financial plan of the Academy. The Student Parliament shall:

1. elect and dismiss the Student Parliament President and Vice President,

2. elect and dismiss students’ representatives in the Academy bodies;

3. elects students’ representatives who shall take part in the work of the Academy bodies when the following issues are discussed: teaching quality assurance and evaluation, study programme reforms, learning efficiency analysis and assessment, ECTS credit allocation, protection of students’ rights;

4. take part in the Academy self-assessment process;

5. initiate amendments to the Academy’ general acts, governed by students’ interests;

6. adopt the plan and programme of the Student Parliament;

7. coordinate extra-curricular activities;

8. ensure the cooperation between students;

9. govern the finances and resources allocated to it;

10. adopt the Rules of Procedure, and other general acts in compliance with the Statute;

11. perform other tasks and duties in compliance with the Statute and other general acts of the Academy.