Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee shall comprise the following members:
– Academy President, Deputy Academy President and Academy President’s assistants;
– Heads of Department Councils;
– students’ representatives.
Students’ representatives are appointed by the Student Parliament.
The Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee is appointed by the Academy President for the term of office of 3 (three) years.

The Quality Assurance Committee shall be responsible for:
1. the promotion of the Academy quality management policy;
2. the establishment, maintenance and development of the quality management system;
3. the contribution to building strong relationships between different organisational levels and between different positions within the same level of the hierarchy;
4. ensuring the participation of all members of the organisation in quality assurance activities;
5. discussing and defining draft proposals for strategic quality management documents;
6. defining the quality assurance and improvement policy and objectives;
7. setting standards and measures of quality management monitoring, assurance, improvement and development;
8. initiating, proposing, monitoring and evaluating measures and activities relating to the quality assurance management;
9. putting forward proposals to the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy for raising the quality level of education provided by the Academy;
10. putting forward proposals to the management for the improvement of the quality of the Academy operations;
11. discussing and adopting quality management document draft proposals;
12. monitoring the implementation of the quality assurance strategy, standards and procedures and proposing the measures to overcome the detected weaknesses in order to ensure continuous quality improvement;
13. proposing extraordinary self-assessment procedures in certain fields when necessary;
14. proposing and organising external quality assessment when necessary;
15. providing professional assistance in the process of preparing accreditation documents;
16. passing general quality management acts;
17. adopting its own Rules of Procedure.

The Committee meetings are summoned and chaired by the Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee. The ballot is public and decisions are made by a majority of votes of the present members. provided that more than half of the total number of the Quality Assurance Committee members are present at the meeting.