Division Councils

The Division Council is composed of the Academy teachers and associates teaching courses that belong to the same or related narrower fields of science. The minimum number of members is 5 (five), except in specific cases, about which the decision shall be reached by the Academy Council.
The Academy shall have the following divisions:
1. Information Technology Division;
2. Mechanical Engineering Division;
3. Civil Engineering and Architecture Division;
4. Technological Engineering Division;
5. Management and Business Division;
6. Economic Sciences Division;
7. General Education Courses Division;
8. Medical Sciences Division.

A decision on establishing and abolishing divisions is rendered by the Council on the proposal of the Academy Council. A fill-time teacher shall be appointed the Head of the Division.
The Division Councils shall:
1. discuss any issues relating to the teaching process in the scientific fields and disciplines under its supervision;
2. analyse whether study programmes in the scientific fields and disciplines under its supervision are implemented by a sufficient number of teachers and associates;
3. put forward proposals to the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy for the announcement of teaching vacancies, as well as propose the members of the committee responsible for writing a report about the applicants for the posts of teachers and associates;
4. define and propose the adoption of teachers and associates’ assignment plans;
5. propose the engagement of teachers and associates tenured by other HEIs to deliver courses for which the Academy lacks competent staff;
6. grant approvals for the placement of the Academy staff in other HEIs;
7. propose hiring non-tenured associates from the industrial sector to organise practical instruction that cannot be held by the Academy’s staff;
8. monitor all teaching activities and internships within the framework of study programmes under its supervision;
9. adopt the list of final thesis topics per course, and grant approval for the thesis preparation;
10. discuss and adopt the specialist and master thesis  topics and grant approval for the thesis preparation;
11. take part in designing curricula for the study programmes offered by one or both departments;
12. harmonise the defined needs, interests and resources necessary for the implementation of joint study programmes offered by the Academy departments;
13. perform other activities relating to the scientific fields under its supervision;
14. perform other tasks and duties in compliance with the Statute, and decisions reached by the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy.

The meetings of the Division Councils are summoned by the Head, when necessary, but at least once a month. The meetings shall be also summoned at the request of the Teaching and Scientific Council of the Academy, Academy President or Deputy Academy President.
The Head of the Division Council chairs the meetings. In the process of preparing the materials for the meetings and taking minutes, the Head is assisted by the Secretary of the Division Council, a member of the Division appointed by the Head.
The meetings shall be held in a regular manner and online. Decisions are made by a majority of votes of the present members, provided that more than half of the total number of members are present.